The world's first Thinking Challenge around Harvard Thinking Routines

    The goal is to develop students' thinking dispositions for meaningful creation and meaningful lives.

  • "Critical thinking is essential for helping students navigate the socio-cultural and political complexities of today’s world; it is also the basis of their identities as cosmopolitan global citizens tackling the many challenges confronting our planet. "

    Angelia Poon

    Associate Professor
    National Institute of Education
    Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

    "Do you believe that learning is the result of thinking? If so, pay attention and cultivate your thinking patterns. Visible Thinking is an indispensable tool that helps us envision, explore, and discover!"

    Angele Law

    Strategy Director
    CATALYST Education Lab in Hong Kong

    "The ultimate destination of learning should be the real life. Life will not be divided into subjects. There will be no predictable questions to be answered. The ability to think will help our children in the future."

    An-Ting Liu

    Founder, Teach for Taiwan

    "Thinking ability is like a group of muscle that you can train. Everyone has their unique muscles. When all uniqueness combined, we are able to solve every real-world problems."

    Eric Liu

    Director of Innovation
    D-School, National Taiwan University

    "When you think, you are closest to yourself. Thinking usually comes from curiosity. Curiosity usually comes from passion. Passion allows us to open up our senses to the world."

    Ya-hui Chen

    Chief Editor, CW Parenting Media

    "Einstein once said, ‘If I were given an hour to save the planet, I would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and 5 minutes resolving it.’ When we see a challenge, we must  think first. Define the problem, and the solution will be clear."

    Kate Hsu

    CEO, Design For Change (DFC) Taiwan

    "Using thinking routines like See-Think-Wonder repeatedly over time develops patterns of thinking that are critical for engaging the complexities of our contemporary society."

    Flossie Chua

    Principal Investigator
    Project Zero, Harvard University

    "The ability to think independently is a must-have to catch up with the ever-changing world"

    Benson Yeh

    Professor, National Taiwan University

    Why do we host this Challenge?

    Looking back on the human history, we found creation often started from observation and thinking. The development and sustainability of our future rely on us.


    We see this Challenge as the start for young Game Changers. When we look closely and think thoroughly, we will be able to make the world a better place. We don't have to be great to start. We have to start to be great.

    Who are we|Twin Oaks

    Twin Oaks is a social enterprise designing role-based immersion learning.


    We believe that learning is fun, useful, and meaningful as it empowers people to build desirable futures. The future we wants to see is a world where a group of genuine, proactive individuals utilize their powers in See Think Wonder to create new things that benefit our society and enjoy their meaningful lives.

  • Why join the Challenge?

    • Develop the Thinking Routines valued by Harvard Graduation School of Education

    • Interact with 7-ELEVEN and IKEA directly to influence the sustainability acts

    • Travel to Taipei with full sponsorship

    • Make friends from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore

    • Receive 1-on-1 mentorship from prestigious mentors

    • Develop the abilities to see, think and create

    • Discover how to make the world your source of inspiration

    • Accumulate your experience in how to support real-world sustainability challenges with rigorous thinking

  • How the Challenge works?


    To help the participants develop thinking habits, the Challenge is divided into four rounds from easy to difficult.


    The first two rounds (Round 1 and Round 2) will be conducted online by individuals. You need to complete the Challenge within a specified period. Round 1 and Round 2 Challengers can choose either Chinese or English sessions. Participants who pass the qualification can proceed to the next round. There is no number of limit to advance to the Round 2, but later only the top 15 players from each region (Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore) will advance to the Semi-Final.

    The last two rounds (Semi-Final and Final) will be conducted online, and you can choose to observe in real stores. The store visit will be in IKEA for the Semi-Final and in 7-ELEVEN for the Final. You will observe and research the designated sustainability themes. These two rounds will be team-based. You will use both English and Chinese for the Challenge, in which you will rely on your teammates from other regions to fulfill the tasks. If you do not feel comfortable participating in the bilingual setting, you can still join Round 1 and Round 2 and choose not to advance to the Semi-Final.


    This Challenge is fully sponsored by philanthropists and is completely free to join. For more details, please see the Handbook.


  • Round 1

    Period|2023/2/11 (Sat) - 2/12 (Sun)
    Time Needed|1-2 hours


    Participants will observe and compare the pictures of a product to see the progress over the past century, and think about the human needs behind the progress.



    Number of Participants|Unlimited
    Eligibility | No requirement (However, only high school students are eligible to advance)
    Number of Qualifiers|Unlimited


  • Round 2

    Period|2023/3/11 (Sat) - 3/12 (Sun)
    Time Needed|1-3 hours


    Participants will observe and compare the same scenes from USA, Europe, and Asia to evaluate where the specified expectations can be best achieved, what to learn from other countries, and what may be brought back domestically.



    Number of Participants|Unlimited
    Eligibility|Qualifiers from Round 1



  • Semi-Final

    Period|2023/4/3 (Mon) - 5/14 (Sun)
    Presentation|2023/5/14 (Sun)


    Participants will play the role as designers to research on IKEA, collect observable clues and use See Think Wonder to develop a plan of action that fulfills the goal of circular economy model. The presentation will be conducted online on May 14.


    Eligibility|Top 15 Challengers from each region
    Rewards|Top 15 Challenger Certificate



  • Final

    Period|2023/5/15 (Mon) - 6/18 (Sun)
    Presentation|2023/6/18 (Sun)
    Location|Conducted Online, Presenting in Taipei


    Participants will continue the role play with 7-ELEVEN. You will dive into the core of a sustainability theme, and discuss with international mentors on how to bring about the changes. Hong Kong and Singapore participants will be sponsored with airfares and accommodation to present in Taipei on June 18.


    Eligibility | Top 5 teams
    Rewards|Gift card (NTD 3,000 – NTD 10,000/person. It can be used in 7-ELEVEN, Starbucks, etc. in Taiwan), STW and Harvard souvenir, and Top 5 Challenger Certificates


  • Students

    Please have your student ID ready
    before filling out the form.


    To register for the entire class, upload the Group Application File in the Application Form. We also provide resources for you and your students.


    Whoever wants to train their ability to think is welcome to participate in the Challenge.
  • Organizers

    Advised by Flossie Chua, Project Zero Principal Investigator at Harvard Graduate School of Education


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