• 2024

    See Think Wonder Challenge

  • Organized by Twin Oaks Education

    Advised by Dr. Flossie Chua, Principal Investigator of Harvard Project Zero

  • See Think Wonder Challenge

    It is the world's first Thinking Challenge centred around Harvard Thinking Routines. It's an international Challenge designed for students aged 15-18 to develop their observation, thinking, and creativity. It is divided into three rounds. The first two is conducted online by individuals. The final round is team-based, 3-day challenge hosted in Taipei City with three SDGs topics given by three international firms. Each team need to observe, think, and collaborate to propose new solutions.

  • The design of STW Challenge has also

    received numerous accolades and awards.

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    3 Regions

    Taiwan、Hong Kong、Singapore

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    1,617 people


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    256 schools


  • How does the Challenge work?


    To help the participants develop thinking habits progressively, the Challenge is divided into three rounds, ranging from easy to difficult.


    The first two rounds (Round 1 and Round 2) are conducted online by individuals. Participants need to complete the Challenge within a specified period and can choose either Chinese or English sessions. After Round 2, participants will received gold / silver / bronze STW certificate. The Top 100 students will receive the "Top 100 Certificate" award and take professional portrait photo during the final.


    The Final Round (Corporate Round) is conducted in person with tewms of 3. Only the Top 45 participants (Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore) will join the Final Round to conduct a Hackathon-style, 3-day Challenge. Each team will focus on one SDGs topic to propose an initiative to the corporation. The participant will visit the stores, observe, brainstorm with corporate mentors, build prototypes, test them, and present the proposal to the corporation.


    For more details, please refer to the Handbook.

  • Dates and Timelines



    Now - 2024/2/25


    Training 1



    Round 1



    Training 2



    Round 2



    Training 3



    Final Round


  • Why join the Challenge?

    Pick up the Thinking Skills from Harvard

    Make friends with International Students

    Direct Interaction with Large Corporations

    Influence Real-World Sustainability Initiatives

    Obtain Gold/Silver/Bronze Thinking Certificates

    Get a Professional Photoshoot as Top 100 Challenger

    Join 21st century skill training for free

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    Welcome to everyone, including non-students.

  • Our Design Goals

    • Develop Dispositions: Students will enhance their observation skills and develop thinking dispositions progressively throughout the Challenge. These will empower students to engage in self-directed learning and create sustainable designs.
    • Establish Methodology: We aim to develop a methodology to cultivate thinking dispositions for young Game Changers and share it with educators worldwide after years of research.
    • Stimulate Creativity: Students will later see everything around them as a source of inspiration, stimulating new ideas constantly. Their ideation and innovation will be based on facts.
    • Grow Sustainable Mindset: Students will establish a system thinking toward Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They will see the complexity and develop sophisticated mindsets to fulfil sustainable goals.
    • Build Global Network: We want to build a bridge for students around the world to learn from each other. We hope they can find companies from different countries to grow up.